Biophilia & Biodiversity: A Celebration

September 27, 2018

Edward O Wilson, Harvard University Faculty Emeritus in the Museum of Comparative Zoology, has been a transcendent figure in the world of biodiversity research.  His long and storied career of field study, writing, and teaching, has led him to be called “a Darwin for the modern day.”  In his 1984 book “Biophilia,” Dr. Wilson fostered what has been referred to as… the love of life and the living world; and the affinity of human beings to other life forms.

He described biophilia as…

“the rich, natural pleasure that comes from being surrounded by living organisms.”

The concept of biophilia is taught at many institutions and groups based upon it’s ideas and applications meet regularly in communities all over the United States.

Join us on Saturday November 3, 2018 at 3pm at Bigelow Chapel for our inaugural Biophilia meeting.  The event will be led by David Morimoto, Director of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Lesley University.  Speakers from the local academic and research community will share stories about working with Dr. Wilson, or of his influence on their own work.

This event is free and open to the public.  Space is limited.

Please rsvp to Paul Kwiatkowski, Wildlife Conservation & Sustainability Manager at: or at 617-607-1956.





What is the Council of Visitors?

September 10, 2018

The Council of Visitors (COV) at Mount Auburn Cemetery is an advisory body, comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, landscape enhancement, historic preservation, wildlife, educational programming, as well as community leaders, dedicated to supporting and advancing Mount Auburn’s mission and highest standards of excellence. The Council acts as informed advisors on issues of strategic importance through active membership, and serve as a vital resource by volunteering leadership, expertise, and financial support. COV members also act as ambassadors and promote the interests of Mount Auburn Cemetery nationwide.

Members of the Council of Visitors are selected and invited by Mount Auburn leadership to serve terms of three years. Terms are renewable at the discretion of Mount Auburn leadership. They are selected based on their individual interests, vision, special expertise, and dedication to the advancement of Mount Auburn. A Chairman and a Vice Chairman are elected by Cemetery leadership.

The COV will receive regular reports on recent and upcoming major projects and new initiatives, financial conditions, fundraising reports, strategic plan updates, and other emerging topics. Members are encouraged to comment upon and advise on these and related matters. They are called upon by the Cemetery for informal advice or ad hoc assignments, and are invited to participate in occasional task forces and other special opportunities. While Mount Auburn invites, and welcomes, members’ philanthropic support, there are no giving requirements attached to the Council, nor are there any governance responsibilities.

The COV meets once each year for approximately one-half day in length. On Thursday, October 19, members attended the 6th annual Council of Visitors meeting with keynote speaker Ellen Goodman, award winning journalist and syndicated columnist, who founded “The Conversation Project.” As integral Mount Auburn community leaders, the Council will be invited to all Mount Auburn events, meetings, lectures, exhibits, concerts, and functions.

For more information on the COV or joining this important group of ambassadors, please contact Jenny Gilbert, Director of Institutional Advancement at 617-607-1970 or




Council of Visitors

September 7, 2018

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Council of Visitors is comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, historic preservation, educational programming, landscape enhancement, and community leaders who support the Cemetery in accomplishing its mission and maintaining the highest standards of excellence.  Learn more about the Council of Visitors.

Mount Auburn Cemetery Council of Visitors 2018

Caroline Mortimer, Co-Chair

Franklin A. Reece III, Co-Chair

John Airasian, Founding Member

Jane M. Carroll, Founding Member

Susan W. Paine, Founding Member

Helen Abrams

Rowena Alston

Peter W. Ambler

Melissa Banta

Elizabeth E. Barker

Claude L. Benoit

Stephanie Berk

Willa C. Bodman

Virginia J. Brady

Joanna H. Breyer

Lucinda A. Brockway

Eliza E. Burden

W.D. Burden

Sharon Bushnell

Patricia Capone

Suzanne S. Carlson

William C. Clendaniel

Elizabeth D. Coxe

Peter Del Tredici

Brian Dolan

Suzanne R. Dworsky

Alan J. Dworsky

Suzanne W. Dworsky

Alan Emmet

Peter Falb

Karen Falb

G.D. Forney

Philip V. Gerdine

Elizabeth M. Goodfellow Zagoroff

Patricia N. Grandieri

Robert J. Gustavson

Craig C. Halvorson

Eileen A. Harrington

Jonathan Hecht

John F. Hemenway

Peter Hiam

Luisa Hunnewell

Nora Huvelle

Bruce A. Irving

Laura A. Johnson

Wendall C. Kalsow

Joseph Koerner

Clare W. Leslie

Jane B. Levitt

Lauren MacCarthy

Joe Martinez

Brooks Mathewson

Julie M. Messervy

Roberto Mighty

Kyra L. Montagu

Marian Morash

Russell Morash

Keith N. Morgan

Susan Morris

Anthony Morris

Karen W. Mueller

H. Betsy Munzer

Mark K. Nichols

Aaron Olmstead

Denise Pappas

Erik C. Park

Richard B. Peiser

Wayne R. Petersen

Donald H. Pfister

Stephen Pinkerton

Frances G. Pratt

Patricia R. Pratt

Harold I. Pratt

Frances G. Pratt

Nancy Rappaport

Marilyn Richardson

David J. Russo

Alison Sander

Oliver C. Scholle

Julia Sheehan

E.D. Simmons

Sherley G. Smith

Rosemarie C. Smurzynski

James M. Storey

Patricia L. Straus

Robert H. Stymeist

Ruth Thomasian

Claudia G. Thompson

Kate Thompson

Charles Tracy

Pamela W. Turner

Elizabeth A. Vizza

Matthew R. Walter

Mariana S. Webb

Louise E. Weed

Jason Weeks

Charlie Welch

Richard H. Willis

Rosemary Wilson

G.E. Wylde

Open Position: Security Guard/Visitor Services Representative

September 4, 2018

As a member of the Security staff, the Security Guard/Visitor Services Representative reports directly to the Security Supervisor for weekly scheduling and daily assignment of tasks, but also works closely with the Visitor Services staff to provide visitor services in a professional and courteous manner. Primary responsibilities include Entrance Gate duty, serving as first contact for visitors to welcome them, answer questions and direct them to their desired destinations. Uses computer to locate specific grave locations for visitors as requested. Provides security functions at the Entrance Gate area, including the handling of visitors arriving on bicycles, motorcycles, with dogs, etc. Assists with the management of funeral processions and memorial services, directing traffic flow and parking as appropriate.

Maintains a clean and professional appearance of Entrance Gate area by picking up trash, watering the plants, and removing snow and ice as needed. Sells and rents interpretive materials in a responsible manner, including credit cards transactions and cash management. Hours:  Sunday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday and Tuesday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Start and end times may vary during different seasons of the year to correspond to the opening time of the Cemetery, and overtime hours may be required for special events and extra coverage during the busiest periods. (more…)