Horticulture Highlight: Korean Pine, Pinus koraiensis

January 3, 2018

One must have a mind of winter

To regard the frost and boughs

Of the pine-trees crusted with snow…

                –Wallace Stevens

Let’s begin this new year with something positive from Korea and Russia, as well as mention of Siberian Tigers. Pines, Pinus are the largest and most diverse genus of conifers, with at least 125 species world-wide. With two-dozen diverse species of Pinus growing within Mount Auburn, herein we profile the Korean Pine, Pinus koraiensis, one of the handsomest cold-hardy pines. As the common name implies this is native to Korea, but also to parts of northeastern China, Pacific Russia, Kamchatka and on the high mountains of the Japanese island of Honshu. (more…)

Council of Visitors

December 18, 2017

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Council of Visitors is comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, historic preservation, educational programming, landscape enhancement, and community leaders who support the Cemetery in accomplishing its mission and maintaining the highest standards of excellence.  Learn more about the Council of Visitors.

Mount Auburn Cemetery Council of Visitors 2018

Caroline Mortimer, Co-Chair

Franklin A. Reece III, Co-Chair

John Airasian, Founding Member

Jane M. Carroll, Founding Member

Susan W. Paine, Founding Member

Helen Abrams

Rowena Alston

Peter W. Ambler

Melissa Banta

Elizabeth E. Barker

Claude Benoit

Stephanie Berk

Willa Bodman

Virginia J. Brady

Joanna H. Breyer

Cindy Brockway

Eliza E. Burden

W. Douglas Burden

Sharon Bushnell

Thomas N. Byrne

Patricia Capone

Sue Carlson

Bill Clendaniel

Elizabeth Coxe

David B. Dearinger

Peter Del Tredici

Geri Denterlein

Alan J. Dworsky

Suzanne R. Dworsky

Suzanne W. Dworsky

Alan Emmet

Karen Falb

Peter Falb

David Forney

Marjorie Gerdine

Philip Gerdine

Liz Goodfellow Zagoroff

Patricia N. Grandieri

Noah Griffin

Craig Halvorson

Eileen Harrington

Jonathan Hecht

John Hemenway

Lt. Col. David Hencke

Peter Hiam

Susan Hockfield

Richard M. Hunt

Nora Huvelle

Bruce Irving

Ann Holton Jenne

Laura Johnson

Wendall Kalsow

Stephen Kendrick

Joseph Koerner

Clare Walker Leslie

Jane Levitt

Caleb Loring III

Lauren MacCarthy

Joe Martinez

Brooks Mathewson

Roberto Mighty

Julie Moir Messervy

Kyra Montagu

Marian Morash

Russell Morash

Keith Morgan

Anthony Morris

Susan Morris

Jeffrey H. Munger

H. Betsy Munzer

Mark Kimball Nichols

Herb Nolan

Denise Pappas

Erik Park

Wayne Petersen

Donald Pfister

Stephen Pinkerton

Frances Pratt

Harold I. Pratt

Pat Pratt

Nancy Rappaport

Marilyn Richardson

Charles Rosenberg

David Russo

Alison Sander

Julia Sheehan

E. Denise Simmons

Deborah L. Smith

Sherley G. Smith

Rosemarie Smurzynski

James Storey

Patty Straus

Bob Stymeist

Ruth Thomasian

Claudia Thompson

Kate Thompson

Pam Turner

Liz Vizza

Matt Walter

Mary Webb

Jason Weeks

Charlie Welch

Richard Willis

Rosemary Wilson

Elizabeth Wylde

Support our Annual Fund!

September 29, 2017

Fall is one of the most glorious times to experience Mount Auburn Cemetery. From the changing leaves that create a canopy of vibrant foliage on our many trees to the sight of majestic hawks swooping through the crisp air, the uplifting and healing powers of our beautiful landscape are at their finest, and we hope you have time to witness them for yourself. It is easy to forget, however, that an incredible amount of work goes into keeping Mount Auburn this beautiful and serene. From our horticulture and landscaping teams maintaining all 175 acres, to our preservation staff conserving and repairing irreplaceable historic monuments, to our Visitor Services staff offering varied educational programs to experience the landscape on a deeper level, we are always working busily behind the scenes to make this an inspiring place for everyone.

Although Mount Auburn Cemetery has an endowment that provides operating funds for general maintenance of its grounds, certain individual lots, and buildings, this restricted endowment support does not cover the significant additional costs needed to sustain all of the vast details that go into making the landscape such a special place. This is where supporters like you are so essential! Please join us in keeping Mount Auburn beautiful by making a gift to our Annual Fund today. You can donate via our website at mountauburn.org/give, or by calling our offices at 617-607-1946. Thank you for your generosity!


Bigelow Chapel Revitalization

September 6, 2017

July 2017 – July 2018

Bigelow Chapel is being revitalized as part of Mount Auburn’s long term plan to improve its entry precinct and expand its options for end-of-life services.

The revitalized Chapel will include:
*  A modern state-of-the-art crematory
*  New gathering spaces for private events and functions
*  A handicap accessible entrance and restrooms
*  Fully-restored 19th-century stained glass rose window

We greatly appreciate your patience as we complete this project which will improve the experience for all who visit this sacred space.

Asa Gray Garden Rejuvenation

September 6, 2017

Summer 2017 – Spring 2018

As part of Mount Auburn’s long term plan to improve its entry precinct, the ornamental area known as Asa Gray Garden is currently under renovation. The rejuvenated garden will feature:

~ Improved traffic flow and parking
~ A more elegant fountain centerpiece
~ A garden offering year-round beauty that better reflects Mount Auburn’s storied history and horticultural excellence

We greatly appreciate your patience as we complete this project which will improve the experience for all who visit this sacred space.  During this project Lawn Avenue will be off limits to vehicles and pedestrians, you can park on any road in the Cemetery that does not have a green line.  Please keep tires on the pavement.



Friends of Mount Auburn Electronic Newsletter Archives

January 15, 2018

Eternally Green: Mount Auburn Security Team Wins the 2017 Mount Auburn Cemetery Green Teamwork Prize

January 9, 2018

The Green Teamwork Prize recognizes sustainability in collaborative work at Mount Auburn.  The basic premise for the prize is to acknowledge our staff who are working together on short-term special projects, or long-term tasks, that incorporate sustainability into the creation and implementation of their work.

In 2016, the Mount Auburn IT department won for their tremendous job coordinating, staffing, and promoting our annual electronic recycling event.  This year eight teams of staff were nominated, including groups as small as four staff and as large as fifteen.  The Education & Engagement Working Group reviewed every nomination on December 7th and voted for this year’s winner.  The winning team was announced at our annual Service Awards event on December 12, 2017.  The winners will receive a free lunch with Mount Auburn President Dave Barnett at a restaurant of their choosing.

Willie Torres, Alberto Parker, Andrew Rotch, and Jim Hynes make up the Mount Auburn Security team.  They are all hard working, dependable, and courteous.  The following reasons sum up why the security team was chosen for the 2017 Green Teamwork Prize:

Turf Protection Police – The security team politely enforces vehicle parking rules to protect new and existing turf areas.

Grounds Safety Team – Visitors and staff can depend on the security team to quickly respond to health and safety issues, as well as to conduct regular observational rounds to protect monuments, structures, floral tributes, garden spaces, waterbodies, and wildlife.

Trash and Recycling Agents – The security team never fails to stop and pickup waste anywhere on the grounds and deposit it in proper trash or recycling receptacles.

Nuisance Wildlife Defense Squad – The security team will operate remote control boats in our waterbodies and set out coyote replicas to ward off Canada Geese.  They also communicate with our Superintendent and staff from Taking Flight Goose Control to coordinate wild turkey control through the harassment and hazing of border collies.

Wildlife Photographers – Photographs by the security team have been incorporated into presentations by staff from many departments of Mount Auburn, including the iconic American toad photo by Andrew Rotch that visitors adore.

Educational Tour Guides – Alberto Parker leads bird walks and answers wildlife questions every year.

Biodiversity Research Assistants – The security team assists researchers with their gear, and also provides valuable insights regarding wildlife and the landscape of Mount Auburn that are important in the implementation of projects every year.

Stewardship Ambassadors – The security team answers visitor and lot owner questions and concerns and promotes our efforts to protect wildlife and habitat.  They are true ambassadors of Mount Auburn.

Thank you for all the great nominations this year and for all the hard work by staff to make Mount Auburn a safer, healthier, and more sustainable environment for all of our staff and visitors.  Congratulations to Willie, Alberto, Andrew, and Jim.  You are a great team!

Ruggiero Trust Funds Expansion of Consecration Dell Restoration

January 5, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the A. J. & M. D. Ruggiero Memorial Trust has awarded an $80,000 grant to the Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery to support a new phase of habitat restoration in Consecration Dell, an extraordinary natural resource and woodland in the heart of the cemetery. The project will continue the work started in 2016 on the steepest southern slopes of the Dell where Violet Path splits, a technically challenging worksite. This section is devoid of woodland understory vegetation, and our objective is to build “shrubland habitat,” identified in our 2014 Wildlife Action Plan as one of the critical missing habitats for birds at Mount Auburn. (more…)