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Become part of the Friends of Mount Auburn or support a Special Project, to ensure that what’s meaningful to you today, continues tomorrow.

The Friends of Mount Auburn is currently raising funds to support a number of the Cemetery’s special projects and initiatives. Learn more below:

Special Project: Monument Preservation
Special Project: Horticultural Collections
Special Project: Asa Gray Garden
Special Project: Artist-in-Residence
Special Project: Great Rose Window
Special Project: Wildlife Action Plan


Mount Auburn’s diverse collection of monuments and funerary art from the early nineteenth century through today, interwoven into the landscape, is the reason for so much of our aesthetic richness, educational value, and historical significance. By nature of being an outdoor collection, many of our monuments now require an extra level of care and maintenance to protect them after years of exposure to the elements.

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Since its founding in 1831 by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Mount Auburn has been maintained with the highest regard for horticultural excellence. Our “landscaped” collection is as much a study of landscape designs as it is a place featuring a diverse array of plants.

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In collaboration with the award-winning landscape architecture firm Halvorson Design Partnership, Mount Auburn has re-imagined Asa Gray Garden, its most significant public space, to embody the Cemetery’s best qualities: a landscape of exquisite beauty comforting the bereaved and inspiring all who visit.

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The Artist-in-Residence program supports the creation of new work by contemporary artists inspired by an in-depth experience at Mount Auburn Cemetery. We are excited to introduce our current Artist-in-Residence, award-winning playwright and author Patrick Gabridge. With its dual mission of active cemetery and cultural landscape, Mount Auburn Cemetery continues to be a leader in educational and arts programming.

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Restoration of Bigelow Chapel’s historic Great Rose Window is underway. On August 30, 2017, the fragile glass panels were carefully removed from their historic cast-iron frame and transported to the studio of Serpentino Stained & Leaded Glass Inc. of Needham, Mass, where they are being restored with oversight from Consultant Julie Sloan and Mount Auburn’s preservation and curatorial staff.

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Given the increasing urbanization of much of North America, models for successful urban wildlife refuge are desperately needed. Wildlife refuges in proximate to densely settled towns and cities are of importance as places where people can learn about and actively participate in conservation projects within their own communities. Mount Auburn has become a living laboratory for the study of biodiversity, and we’ve embarked on projects with citizen scientist, consulting scientists, professors, and students.

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Jenny Gilbert, Director of Institutional Advancement
617-607-1970 or jgilbert@mountauburn.org


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