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Important News Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic

As of March 30th, the Cemetery will be closed, except for burial services, until 4PM every day. We will open the Mount Auburn Street Gate between 4-6PM each day to provide an opportunity for families to visit the graves of their loved ones. Learn more»

Plan Ahead

Our staff recognizes the challenges of end-of-life planning. We assist you with care and compassion in making these decisions whether you are planning for the future or need to make immediate arrangements. Mount Auburn has and always will be a sacred place of remembrance, a place to mourn those we have loved, a place to seek inspiration and solace, and a place to celebrate life. Learn More »

Burial Search

Visit our interactive map to quickly find the location of individuals buried at Mount Auburn.  For additional assistance, complete a request for a burial location verification through our online store.

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Explore Online Exhibits

Discover more about the history of Mount Auburn Cemetery, its notable residents, and its important natural and cultural resources by exploring our online exhibits. Learn More »

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