Grafting for the Future

March 1, 2018

If you look around the cemetery you will see numerous trees with a distinct scar or swelling around the bottom of the trunk. Have you ever wondered what that was? More than likely, this is a grafted tree. Grafting is the widespread practice of joining two or more plants together to improve or preserve desirable characteristics. Sometimes trees and shrubs express a natural occurring characteristic that is attractive or unusual which growers would like to reproduce. The easiest way to do this is to take a cutting of the desired trait, a scion, and join it with another tree of the same species known as an understock or rootstock. (more…)

Vesper Path Developed

February 21, 2018

The low granite curbed area on the Eastern part of Vesper Path was developed as new interment space in 1994 by Halvorson Co.  A road was removed to create memorialization around the corridor. This area is based on principles from the 1993 Master Plan:

“…Proposals had to rely predominately on centralizing the commemorative function with communal monuments in order to accommodate additional burial in the Cemetery’s residual land and at the same time minimize the addition of structure into the landscape.” (more…)

Notice: Winter Tribute Removal

February 10, 2018

Please be advised that all winter tributes and decorations will be removed from the Cemetery grounds starting Tuesday, February 20th depending on the condition of the grounds and staffing availability.