Weddings at Bigelow Chapel

February 13, 2011

Joshua Lambert Photography

Bigelow Chapel, built in the Gothic Revival style, provides a grand setting for small- to medium-size weddings. Its exterior offers a majestic entrance that will set the tone for your event, in addition to providing excellent photo opportunities.

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The perfect venue for a small, intimate wedding, Bigelow Chapel offers rows of wooden seats accommodating up to 75 guests. Additional standing room is available on the second floor.

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Shane Godfrey Photography

The vibrant Ballantine & Allan stained-glass windows in the chapel provide a colorful contrast to the elegant Quincy granite interior and provide a dramatic backdrop to your ceremony.

Joshua Lambert Photography

Weddings in Bigelow Chapel frequently utilize the Bigelow Chapel Lawn as a photography area before or after the wedding. Consider it the second stage of your wedding, or the launching point for a post-wedding tour of our beautiful grounds.

In 2018 a glass addition was added onto the side of Bigelow Chapel.

For additional information, please contact our staff at (617) 607-1993.


  1. Lianna Mazzei says:

    We are looking for a wedding ceremy & reception place for 200 people. Does your site accomodate a size that big and would the reception option only be a tent?

    Thank you,

    • Stephanie Messina says:

      Hi Lianna, We can accommodate up to 175 people in Story Chapel for a ceremony, but we only offer our venues as ceremony sites. Please peruse our list of recommended vendors for some of our preferred reception locations. Feel free to call our Family Services Coordinator at (617) 607-1920 with any additional questions.

  2. Laura McCormick says:

    Trying to RSVP to the September 22, 2012 wedding of Matt Terenna and Melissa Saggerer. Taking place in the Bigelow Chapel. Cannot find the connection in the search section, Please advise me where to respond. Thank you!

    • Stephanie Messina says:

      Dear Laura,
      All RSVPs should be directed to Matt and Melissa – we do not keep track of guests on our website.

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