Weddings at Washington Tower

March 5, 2011

Photograph by Denise J.R. Bass

Washington Tower is a special, memorable site for a small- to medium-size wedding. The 62-foot tower is perched atop Mount Auburn, providing panoramic views of Boston, Cambridge, and beyond.


Photograph by Elora Raymond

The winding path to the Tower provides the opportunity for a unique processional, or a moment for guests to mingle. The summit of the Tower itself allows for unusual bouquet toss opportunities, an intimate moment for the couple, or a special vantage point of the spectators below.

Photograph by Dave Bias

Photography by Elora Raymond

Photograph by Denise J.R. Bass

Washington Tower is an excellent site for wedding ceremonies, and also makes a great stop along a larger tour of the Cemetery. Some couples choose to marry elsewhere on the grounds and walk to the Tower with their guests to complete their celebrations.

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