Tips for Your Visit

An important part of Mount Auburn’s history is its role as a place to inspire and educate the public. We take this role seriously and provide amenities critical to our visitors’ enjoyment and comfort.  At the same time, we are both a historic landmark and an active burial site, so we ask that our visitors follow some basic guidelines during their stay here.

Visiting With Children

Mount Auburn Cemetery is a great place to explore with kids of all ages (we welcome strollers)! There is so much to see: our beautiful plants and trees, our resident wildlife, and different styles of monuments. Many interesting people are buried here, from the inventor of jellybeans to the author of children’s books. And everyone enjoys the panoramic vista of the Boston area from Washington Tower.

Available Amenities

The Cemetery has public restrooms, a water fountain, and bike rack. The Visitors Center is currently closed (2020).

Group Visits

We welcome large groups, but ask that you schedule your visit at least two weeks in advance. Find out more about options for Group Visits.

Visit Guidelines

We ask that all visitors:

Park bikes and motorcycles at the racks provided just inside our entrance.  Scooters are also not permitted.

Walk–not jog–through the Cemetery. We welcome baby strollers.

Visitors are allowed to drive in the Cemetery.  The speed limit is 15 MPH.  Parking is permit on roads without green lines.  Please keep tires off of the grass.

Buses and other large vehicles are not permitted in the Cemetery.

Pets are not permitted on the Cemetery grounds.

Picnicking, eating and drinking, sunbathing and lying or sitting on the grass are not permitted.

Conduct which disturbs the tranquility of the Cemetery is prohibited.  Recreational activities such as jogging, rollerblading, skating, skiing, ball playing, swimming and wading are not permitted.

Gravestones are fragile.  For your safety and their preservation please do not touch them.  Gravestone rubbing is prohibited.

Please do not climb on or disturb any trees, shrubs, plantings or pick flowers or foliage.  Do not drink from the water spigots; the water is not potable.

For your protection and their well-being, please keep a safe distance and do not feed the wildlife.

Feel free to photograph our landscape, plants, and wildlife for your own enjoyment. We only request that you do not photograph any funerals. If you are planning to film or photograph the Cemetery for commercial purposes, please read our Film and Photography Guidelines. For wedding photography, please see our Wedding Photography Guidelines.

Bring only natural plant materials for placing at graves within the Cemetery. At certain times of the year, flags are also permitted – please see our Veterans Flags Guidelines. Review a complete list of our Floral Tribute Regulations.