Visit Guidelines

August 25, 2017

The gates of Mount Auburn Cemetery are open daily until 8PM.

Washington Tower closes at 6PM.

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm;
Saturday 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

An important part of Mount Auburn’s history is its role as a destination site. We take this role seriously and provide amenities critical to our visitors’ enjoyment and comfort. At the same time, we are both a historic landmark and an active burial site, so we ask that our visitors follow some basic guidelines during their stay here.

At this time there is no cycling allowed at the Cemetery.  Park bikes and motorcycles at the racks provided just inside our entrance.

Walk–not jog–through the Cemetery. We welcome baby strollers.

Help us protect our monuments and horticultural collections. Please leave pets and food or drink at home, at this time only service dogs are allowed in the Cemetery and dog walking is not at this time permitted at the Cemetery. Also, monuments are more fragile than they appear: please do not touch them.

If you are planning to film or photograph the Cemetery for commercial purposes, please read our Film and Photography Guidelines. For wedding photography, please see our Wedding Photography Guidelines.

Bring only natural plant materials for placing at graves within the Cemetery.

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  1. michelle coimbra says:

    I have a friend that has just been buried at your cemetery. I missed the funeral and dont know where his grave is, would your office staff be able to help me locate the grave site? Thank you

    • Jennifer Johnston says:

      Hi Anna,
      If you come to the Cemetery someone can help you in the Visitors Center, front office or you can look things up at our interactive kiosk. You can also do grave searches on our website.

  2. Phillip says:

    The no bicycling rule is truly stupid given how many people use bicycles for transportation in Cambridge. One can drive to visit a grave, but not bicycle. If one bicycles, a guard will drive up in a huge SUV to tell you that your machine (but not theirs, obviously) is disturbing the peace of the cemetery. It’s private property, so I am not questioning the right of the owners to establish whatever rules they want, but the double standard embodied by the rule is galling and the rule makes no sense. Bicycles could be allowed with a 7 mph speed limit, for example, or whatever the speed limit is for cars. This would allow their use for transportation but not for exercise.

    • Jennifer Johnston says:

      Thanks for your message Philip. Cemetery founders disallowed single riders on horseback while allowing carriages, and our ban on bicycles (and motorcycles, skateboards, and rollerblades) while allowing cars follows the same spirit.

      Although many people are increasingly using bicycles for transportation, enough others would see Mount Auburn as a destination for recreational rides that it would change the spirit of the place. There are many wonderful bike paths in the area, so cyclists are not being deprived of beautiful places to ride. And you can ride to the Cemetery and then park your bicycle at the front and walk around.

      Also, the Cemetery is not a safe environment for bicycles because of many twisting roads, and the hazards presented by monuments. Even if we did allow bicycles using the conditions as outlined by Superintendent Scorgie in 1898, which I think would still be relevant today; Mount Auburn has almost 400 catch basins that do not have ‘bike friendly’ grates. We on staff, do understand your sentiment. Many of us would love to ride our bikes along the avenues, but at this time it is not an option.

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