Consecration Dell: Plant List

April 1, 2019

Woodland plants, native to the New England forest, dominate the Consecration Dell landscape. The Dell’s appearance today is the result of a 20-year woodland restoration that saw the reintroduction of native trees, shrubs, groundcovers, and wildflowers throughout this 4.2-acre site.


For Consecration Dell, Mount Auburn carefully curated a selection of shade-tolerant, native plants for their beauty and ability to provide beneficial habitat. Below is a list of the 116 taxa planted in this area since work began in 1997.


CONSECRATION DELL is the heart of Mount Auburn. Here, you can imagine history taking place, marvel at the beauty of nature, and find solace from the cares of the world in a woodland oasis.


Mount Auburn’s Plant Collections Database > FLORA MOUNT AUBURN

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