Civil War Nurses of Mount Auburn Cemetery

March 17, 2013

Please join the Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery in celebrating the lives and accomplishments of our notable Civil War heroes.

Dix, Dorothea Lynde (1892 – 1887)
Spruce Avenue, Lot # 4731

*  Superintendent of Union Female Nurses
*  Volunteered a week after the war began – appointed June 1861
*  Served through the war pro bono
*  Required that nurses be plain looking, over 30 years old and wear black or brown skirts


Freitag, Annie Kendall (1830 – 1905)
Ivy Path, Lot #193


Jacobs, Harriet Ann (1813 – 1897)
Clethra Path,  Lot #4389

*  Lived in DC during Civil War assisting contrabands, nursing black troops and teaching


Parsons, Emily Elizabeth (1824 – 1880)
Greenbriar Path, Lot # 608

*  Charge nurse at Fort Schuyler Military Hospital, Long Island Sound
*  Western Sanitary Commission, St. Louis
*  Lawson Hospital then City of Alton Steamboat Transporting Wounded


Stevenson, Hannah Elizabeth (1807 – 1887)
 Yarrow Path, Lot #445

*  First woman to volunteer
*  1861 – 1863: Nurse at Union Hospital, Washington, D.C., Poolesville MD
*  1865: Established schools in Richmond, VA for Freedman’s Bureau
*  Supervisor of Nurses Benton Barracks Hospital, St. Louis


Tate, Mary (1829 – 1863)
Spruce Avenue, Lot #3280

*  Nursed at Douglas Hospital, Washington, DC


Von Olnhausen, Mary Phinney (1818 – 1902)
Spruce Avenue, Lot # 1817

*  Volunteered in 1862 as a nurse under Dorothea Dix
*  Mansion House Alexandrea, VA – 1862
*  Chief Nurse Army Hospital, Morehead City, NC – 1863
*  Renowned for her wound care and high survival rate  


To find the locations of these individuals, please use our grave location map.

Research by Volunteer Bill McEvoy.




  1. Bob Murphy says:

    Good Morning,
    I am a State House tour guide (Doric Docent) and among the information we share with our guest is Nurses Hall, which is dedicated to the Massachusetts Nurses of the Civil War. We typically mention Dorothea Dix, Cara Barton and Louisa May Alcott. I have often though who are some of the other woman? So I have spent time this summer looking for these woman
    I saw your site with the names of the woman buried at Mt. Auburn. In addition to these woman I found 4 more woman that are also buried at Mt. Auburn. They are;
    Elizabeth (Homer) Bird 1819-1899
    b. Brimfield, MA, lived Cambridge
    Mary Felton 1829-1896
    b. Cambridge, single, father 20th President of Harvard U.
    Adeline (Blanchard) Tyler 1805-1875
    b. Billerica MA, trained as nurse in Europe before war, served at Naval Academy Hospital, MD, 1861 -64, 1st Administrator at Boston’s Children’s Hospital
    Laura (Jackson / Trotter) Parker 1829-1901
    b. New Jersey, lived Boston, twice married
    I have not been able to find the service location or length of service for the others.
    Hope this adds to your data base, thanks for taking the time to create it in honor of these woman that deserve to be remembered.
    Bob Murphy

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