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Shakespeare Quotes at Mount Auburn

April 18, 2018

A number of individuals chose quotes from Shakespeare’s works for their own or a loved one’s monument.  Some of these notables were Shakespearean actors others just theater lovers.  Here are some of the quotes that can be found on stones in Mount Auburn.

The Undiscovered Country: Shakespeare and Mount Auburn: Join us for a walking tour on Sunday, April 22, 2018, 1 PM to visit these monuments and those of other Shakespearean actors.


Council of Visitors

April 7, 2018

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Council of Visitors is comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, historic preservation, educational programming, landscape enhancement, and community leaders who support the Cemetery in accomplishing its mission and maintaining the highest standards of excellence.  Learn more about the Council of Visitors.

Mount Auburn Cemetery Council of Visitors 2018

Caroline Mortimer, Co-Chair

Franklin A. Reece III, Co-Chair

John Airasian, Founding Member

Jane M. Carroll, Founding Member

Susan W. Paine, Founding Member

Helen Abrams

Rowena Alston

Peter W. Ambler

Melissa Banta

Elizabeth E. Barker

Claude Benoit

Stephanie Berk

Willa Bodman

Virginia J. Brady

Joanna H. Breyer

Cindy Brockway

Eliza E. Burden

W. Douglas Burden

Sharon Bushnell

Thomas N. Byrne

Patricia Capone

Sue Carlson

Bill Clendaniel

Elizabeth Coxe

David B. Dearinger

Peter Del Tredici

Geri Denterlein

Alan J. Dworsky

Suzanne R. Dworsky

Suzanne W. Dworsky

Alan Emmet

Karen Falb

Peter Falb

David Forney

Marjorie Gerdine

Philip Gerdine

Liz Goodfellow Zagoroff

Patricia N. Grandieri

Noah Griffin

Craig Halvorson

Eileen Harrington

Jonathan Hecht

John Hemenway

Lt. Col. David Hencke

Peter Hiam

Susan Hockfield

Richard M. Hunt

Nora Huvelle

Bruce Irving

Ann Holton Jenne

Laura Johnson

Wendall Kalsow

Stephen Kendrick

Joseph Koerner

Clare Walker Leslie

Jane Levitt

Caleb Loring III

Lauren MacCarthy

Joe Martinez

Brooks Mathewson

Roberto Mighty

Julie Moir Messervy

Kyra Montagu

Marian Morash

Russell Morash

Keith Morgan

Anthony Morris

Susan Morris

Jeffrey H. Munger

H. Betsy Munzer

Mark Kimball Nichols

Herb Nolan

Susan Paine

Denise Pappas

Erik Park

Wayne Petersen

Donald Pfister

Stephen Pinkerton

Frances Pratt

Harold I. Pratt

Pat Pratt

Nancy Rappaport

Marilyn Richardson

Charles Rosenberg

David Russo

Alison Sander

Oliver Scholle

Julia Sheehan

E. Denise Simmons

Deborah L. Smith

Sherley G. Smith

Rosemarie Smurzynski

James Storey

Patty Straus

Bob Stymeist

Ruth Thomasian

Claudia Thompson

Kate Thompson

Charles Tracy

Pam Turner

Liz Vizza

Matt Walter

Mary Webb

Louise Weed

Jason Weeks

Charlie Welch

Richard Willis

Rosemary Wilson

Elizabeth Wylde

First Fridays: Mount Auburn Digitization Days

April 3, 2018

Mount Auburn Cemetery is pleased to announce that we are starting a new program to help us tell the stories of the more than 100,000 remarkable individuals buried and commemorated at the Cemetery. These stories will be shared on our new online Memorial Pages 

In conjunction with the launch of our online Memorial Pages, we are pleased to offer an exciting new program to digitize memorabilia relating to individuals buried and commemorated at Mount Auburn.

This free service will be offered to the public on the first Friday of each month, beginning Friday May 4th between the hours of 10:00 AM -12:00 PM.

By appointment only. To sign up for First Fridays: Digitization Days, please visit:

Mount Auburn’s staff will meet you in the Visitor Center in Story Chapel at 580 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA.

We recommend that you bring in 3-5 documents, photos, or small objects (smaller than 11 x 17 inches) that we will scan or photograph as time allows. You are welcome to make additional appointments.

Memorabilia can include anything you would like to digitize to illustrate the life of the person, including portraits, photographs, letters, scrapbooks, diplomas, awards, and talks.

We will return your original materials to you and give you a flash drive of your digitized files and instructions on how to add these images to Mount Auburn’s new online Memorial Pages.

Please note that we are also looking for materials that document Mount Auburn through the years such as photographs or accounts of visitors and staff at the Cemetery, funerals in the Cemetery, views of the Cemetery and its landscape, monuments, and structures. If you have any collections that you would like to share with our curator, please make an appointment.



Easter & Passover Weekend

March 20, 2018

Easter & Passover Weekend Hours

Saturday, March 31 & Sunday, April 1

The Cemetery is open 8 AM – 7 PM

Floral tributes will be available for purchase at the Greenhouse 8 AM – 2 PM.

If you need to the find the location of a grave you can:

*Look it up before your visit on our website
*Go to the Visitors Center to have a volunteer help you.  Open Saturday & Sunday, 9 AM – 4:30 PM


Easter tributes will be removed starting Monday, April 23.