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What is the Council of Visitors?

December 8, 2018

The Council of Visitors (COV) at Mount Auburn Cemetery is an advisory body, comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, landscape enhancement, historic preservation, wildlife, educational programming, as well as community leaders, dedicated to supporting and advancing Mount Auburn’s mission and highest standards of excellence. The Council acts as informed advisors on issues of strategic importance through active membership, and serve as a vital resource by volunteering leadership, expertise, and financial support. COV members also act as ambassadors and promote the interests of Mount Auburn Cemetery nationwide.

Members of the Council of Visitors are selected and invited by Mount Auburn leadership to serve terms of three years. Terms are renewable at the discretion of Mount Auburn leadership. They are selected based on their individual interests, vision, special expertise, and dedication to the advancement of Mount Auburn. A Chairman and a Vice Chairman are elected by Cemetery leadership.

The COV will receive regular reports on recent and upcoming major projects and new initiatives, financial conditions, fundraising reports, strategic plan updates, and other emerging topics. Members are encouraged to comment upon and advise on these and related matters. They are called upon by the Cemetery for informal advice or ad hoc assignments, and are invited to participate in occasional task forces and other special opportunities. While Mount Auburn invites, and welcomes, members’ philanthropic support, there are no giving requirements attached to the Council, nor are there any governance responsibilities.

The COV meets annually for approximately one-half day in length. On October 11, 2018, Mount Auburn hosted its seventh annual Council of Visitors meeting. Participants braved a rainy afternoon to attend behind-the-scenes tours led by Artist-in-Residence Patrick Gabridge, Dave Barnett and Dennis Collins in Asa Gray Garden, and Educator-in-Residence David Morimoto of Lesley University. Following the tours, the renovation of Bigelow Chapel was the main topic of the day, with a keynote presentation by William L. Rawn III, award-winning architect and founding Principal of William Rawn Associates, discussing the firm’s work on the project design. He was then joined by colleague Sam Lasky, Bree Harvey and Gus Fraser of Mount Auburn, and architect and Cemetery Trustee Jim Hunnewell for an in-depth panel discussion moderated by fellow architect and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees Sean McDonnell.

For more information on the COV or joining this important group of ambassadors, please contact Jenny Gilbert, Director of Institutional Advancement at 617-607-1970 or




Winter 2018 Season of Remembrance

November 25, 2018

Seasonal floral tributes, prepared by our Greenhouse staff, are now available for order as part of the Winter 2018 Season of Remembrance.

Select from decorated wreaths or log baskets for placement at graves and lots, or cut flower bouquets for placement in the Bigelow Chapel or Story Chapel columbaria. Visit our online store to place your order today >>>

Tributes may also be purchased in-person from our Greenhouse as long as supplies last.


Bigelow Chapel December Open Houses

November 15, 2018

Bigelow Chapel has been revitalized to meet the changing needs of families and the visiting public. A new entrance providing universal access graciously welcomes everyone arriving to attend a private family service or a public event. New multi-use gathering spaces provide numerous options for intimate memorial services in a non-denomination setting, informal receptions following services or burials, and a host of public events. A new state-of-the-art Crematory, replacing its previous facility, has prepared Mount Auburn to meet the growing public interest in cremation and positioned the Cemetery as a 21st-century leader within industry.

Join us for an Open House!
Both events are free and open to the public!

Saturday, December 1, 1 – 4 PM
Celebrate the reopening of Bigelow Chapel with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 1 PM followed by informal tours of the revitalized Chapel and Crematory. Throughout the afternoon, staff will be sharing interesting details from this ambitious project.

Saturday, December 15, 2 – 4 PM
Enjoy a concert with Mount Auburn’s former Composer-in-Residence Mary Bichner. Performing with the Planetary Quartet, Bichner will share her composition inspired by Bigelow Chapel’s newly restored Great Rose Window. After the hour-long concert, guests are invited to tour the Chapel and Crematory and speak with staff.


Council of Visitors

October 20, 2018

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Council of Visitors is comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, historic preservation, educational programming, landscape enhancement, and community leaders who support the Cemetery in accomplishing its mission and maintaining the highest standards of excellence.  Learn more about the Council of Visitors.

Mount Auburn Cemetery Council of Visitors 2018

Caroline Mortimer, Co-Chair

Franklin A. Reece III, Co-Chair

John S. Airasian, Founding Member

Jane M. Carroll, Founding Member

Elizabeth B. Johnson, Founding Member

Susan W. Paine, Founding Member

Helen Abrams

Rowena Alston

Peter W. Ambler

Melissa Banta

Elizabeth E. Barker

Claude L. Benoit

Stephanie Berk

Willa C. Bodman

Virginia J. Brady

Joanna H. Breyer

Cindy Brockway

Eliza E. Burden

W. Douglas Burden

Sharon Bushnell

Patricia Capone

Sue Carlson

William C. Clendaniel, President Emeritus

Elizabeth D. Coxe

Brian Dolan

Peter Del Tredici

Alan J. Dworsky

Suzanne R. Dworsky

Suzanne W. Dworsky

Alan Emmet

Luise Erdmann

Karen Falb

Peter Falb

David Forney

Philip V. Gerdine

Liz Goodfellow Zagoroff

Patricia N. Grandieri

Robert J. Gustavson

Craig Halvorson

Eileen Harrington

Jonathan Hecht

John F. Hemenway

Peter Hiam

Luisa Hunnewell

Nora Huvelle

Bruce Irving

Ann Holton Jenne

Laura Johnson

Wendall C. Kalsow

Joseph Koerner

Clare Walker Leslie

Jane B. Levitt

Lauren MacCarthy

Joe Martinez

Brooks Mathewson

Julie Moir Messervy

Roberto Mighty

Kyra L. Montagu

Marian Morash

Russell Morash

Keith N. Morgan

Anthony Morris

Susan Morris

Karen W. Mueller

H. Betsy Munzer

Mark Kimball Nichols

Aaron Olmstead

Denise Pappas

Erik C. Park

Richard B. Peiser

Wayne Petersen

Donald Pfister

Stephen Pinkerton

Frances G. Pratt

Harold I. Pratt

Patricia R. Pratt

Nancy Rappaport

Marilyn Richardson

David Russo

Alison Sander

Oliver C. Scholle

Julia Sheehan

E. Denise Simmons

Sherley G. Smith

Rosemarie Smurzynski

James M. Storey

Patricia L. Straus

Bob Stymeist

Ruth Thomasian

Claudia Thompson

Kate Thompson

Charles Tracy

Pamela W. Turner

Liz Vizza

Kristen Wainwright

Matt Walter

Mary Webb

Louise E. Weed

Jason Weeks

Charlie Welch

Richard H. Willis

Rosemary Wilson

Elizabeth Wylde