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Open Position: Director of Cemetery Services

November 16, 2017

Mount Auburn is currently seeking a qualified candidate for its Director of Cemetery Services. 


The Director of Cemetery Services is responsible for the efficient and effective management of the Cemetery Services Department and its staff working in sales, interments, cremations, memorial setting, security, chapel rentals and customer service. The Director ensures that all Cemetery-related activities, including its key revenue-generating services—approximately 150 sales, 500 interments, 1,200 cremations, 80 memorial services, and 130 memorial settings annually—are completed with a high level of professionalism and care. The Director ensures a positive customer experience for all Cemetery clients and funeral directors and works to enhance service offerings to ensure Mount Auburn remains a model among 21st-century cemeteries. The Director will work collaboratively with a team of staff and consultants on the implementation of a new enterprise system, converting many existing paper-based practices into a digital system. The Director works collaboratively with a staff team to assist in the planning, design, and development of new interment space by advising on the Cemetery’s current and future burial space needs and participates in quarterly meetings of the Cemetery Services Committee, a committee of the Board of Trustees, with oversight of Mount Auburns sales and services activities. Additionally, the Director manages the day-to-day activities and operations of the Department, and assists the Vice President in preparing and adhering to annual operating budgets and in setting short-term and long-term priorities and goals. (more…)

Open Position: Assistant Greenhouse / Nursery Manager

September 8, 2017


Assists with the overall operation of the Greenhouse, including the production of crops, scouting for disease/insect problems, treating for pest control and upkeep of lot and corporation flower beds. Responsible for supervising greenhouse operations when the Greenhouse / Nursery Manager is absent.

The Assistant Greenhouse / Nursery Manager plays a significant role in the planning, growing, documentation, and tracking of in-house production of woody and herbaceous plants. Works closely with the Greenhouse / Nursery Manager in all job aspects to receive and grow: cuttings, seed, grafts, and plugs for production. (more…)