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Natural Burials

March 31, 2021

Mount Auburn is pleased to offer natural or ‘green’ burial, defined as the burial of an unenbalmed body in a biodegradable shroud or container. Since 2014, when Mount Auburn became the first cemetery in Massachusetts to be certified by the Green Burial Council, natural burial graves have become increasingly popular among the many burial options available to our families and clients. Today it is an important component of our long term sustainability planning as we strive to become more environmentally friendly in all of our operations.


Candle Lighting Service 2020

December 21, 2020

On the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2020 we gathered virtually for our most important annual tradition, the Candle Lighting Service. For the first time in 28 years, we were not able to be together in person at the Cemetery. Instead, we gathered online to bring light and love into the darkness.

This Service is for those with loved ones remembered at Mount Auburn and anyone who is seeking a shared community experience to remember and reflect. You can re-watch the livestream event on this page.

This event was created and produced by Mount Auburn Cemetery with MASARY Studios. Production Support by AVFX.

Program Notes

Welcome / Opening Remarks – Bree Harvey

Moment 1
The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens
Rob Bethel, Cello

Speaker – Dr. Dorian Mintzer

Moment 2
Bist Du Bei Mir by J.S. Bach
Arioso by J.S. Bach

String Trio
Brian Clague, Violin
Rob Bethel, Cello
Eve Boltax, Viola

Speaker – Reverend Stephen Kendrick

Memorial Projection on Bigelow Chapel
Flower Duet by Léo Delibes
Double Violin Concerto Mvt. 2 by J.S. Bach
Ständchen by Heinz Zednik
String Trio

Moment of Silence

Ringing of the Bell

We Remember Them – Recited by Dr. Dorian Mintzer

Candle Remembrance in the Asa Gray Garden
Ave Verum Corpus by W.A. Mozart
Song of the Birds by Pablo Casals
Bist Du Bei Mir by J.S. Bach
The Children’s Prayer by P. Tchaikovsky
Ständchen by Heinz Zednik
Double Violin Concerto Mvt. 2 by J.S. Bach
String Trio

Cremation Burial Services

January 1, 2020

Thank you for scheduling a cremation burial service at Mount Auburn Cemetery. Below is additional information to help you prepare for what will happen on the day of the scheduled service.


A member of Mount Auburn’s staff will greet you and all other members of your group at our Entrance Gate. The procession to the gravesite will take place once everyone in your group arrives at the Cemetery. Cars will be parked as close to the grave as possible.


The cremation grave, approximately 12″ x 12″ x 18″ in size, will be covered with a decorative marble covering when the family arrives at the site. The earth that will fill the grave is nearby, covered under a cloth. A small table, set up next to the grave, will display the urn during the graveside service.

If the Cemetery has the urn before the burial, our staff will bring the urn to the gravesite and place it on the table once the family arrives at the burial site. If the Cemetery was not storing the urn before burial, the family or a funeral director, if one is assisting with the burial service, is responsible for carrying the urn to the gravesite.

The graveside service can be as formal or informal as the family wishes. Some services include remarks and prayers from a religious officiant, while others feature readings and remembrances shared by those attending the burial. The cremated remains are placed in the grave once the ceremony concludes.


Families may leave the area before or after the remains are placed in the grave. If a family does not want to witness the burial, our staff will place the urn in the ground and fill the grave after the family has left the area. When a family chooses to watch the burial, our staff will uncover the grave after the ceremony concludes. Families can place the remains in the grave, or watch as the Cemetery does this. If they wish to do so, families may also place a small amount of earth in the grave and then watch as our staff complete the burial.

Please complete the form below after reserving a date for the burial with our office. We will confirm the service details in advance of the burial.