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January 1, 2022

Join our team! Mount Auburn’s dedicated staff are responsible for the daily care and stewardship of this National Historic Landmark, accredited arboretum and botanical garden, and active cemetery.


Mount Auburn is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • Open Position: Part Time Security & Visitor Representative Mon / Tues
    The Security Department at Mount Auburn Cemetery is seeking an enthusiastic individual to fill the position of Security and Visitor Services Representative working part time Monday and Tuesday 2PM to 10PM. Reporting to the Security Supervisor, the Security and Visitor Services Representative is responsible for patrolling the Cemetery grounds throughout the assigned shift and enforcement … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Part Time Security & Visitor Representative Sat / Sun
    The Security Department at Mount Auburn Cemetery is seeking an enthusiastic individual to fill the position of Security and Visitor Services Representative working part time, Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 4PM. Reporting to the Security Supervisor the Security and Visitor Services Representative is responsible for patrolling the Cemetery grounds throughout the assigned shift and enforcement … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Senior IT Associate
    Reports to Director of IT. Provides system administration, tech support and training for computer, AV, telephone, and office equipment on a Windows network. Documents tech support activity. Provides one on one training to users. Helps to maintain license and policy compliance. A working knowledge of switch, firewall, and Wi-Fi maintenance. An interest in and knowledge … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Director of Finance
    The Director of Finance reports to the Executive Vice President and CFO (EVP&CFO) and is responsible for oversight of all routine financial transactions; oversight of the monthly financial statements and year-end closing of books; manage the annual audits for the Cemetery, Friends and Retirement Plan; supervises the Accounting Manager and Accounting Coordinator; assists the EVP&CFO … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Preservationist at Mount Auburn Cemetery
    The Preservationist is responsible for coordinating, supervising, and implementing preservation and conservation work on monuments and built structures. Assists in assessing materials and conditions, prioritizing preservation projects, and planning work schedules. Oversees and works with full-time and seasonal workers, interns, and contractors monument preservation projects in and fulfilling perpetual care obligations, including washing, pointing, repair … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Events Operations Supervisor at Mount Auburn Cemetery
    The Event Operations Supervisor provides operational support for funeral events, catered receptions, artistic performances, staff meetings, and other public and private events. The Supervisor works in conjunction with an intra and interdepartmental Events Team to coordinate and complete the daily set-up and breakdown needs associated with all activities happening in Mount Auburn’s buildings and grounds. … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Private Events Manager at Mount Auburn Cemetery
    POSITION SUMMARY: With oversight of Mount Auburn’s private events program, the Private Events Manager supports Mount Auburn’s vision as a place that celebrates all seasons of life. The Manager develops rental packages that accommodate a diverse range of needs and event types, including but not limited to funeral-related gatherings. The Manager is responsible for expanding … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Security and Visitor Services Representative at Mount Auburn Cemetery
    The Security Department at Mount Auburn Cemetery is seeking an enthusiastic individual to fill the position of Security and Visitor Services Representative. Reporting to the Security Supervisor the Security and Visitor Services Representative is responsible for patrolling the Cemetery grounds throughout the assigned shift and enforcement of Cemetery rules and regulations. The representative displays compassion, … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Preservation Technician at Mount Auburn Cemetery
    The Preservation Technician participates in all stages of monument repairs and preservation, re-setting monuments, foundation repairs and new foundation installations, and other preservation based masonry repairs, assists in preservation and conservation work and general preservation maintenance work throughout the cemetery. The Preservation Technician ensures all work on site appropriately reflects the Statement of Preservation Values … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Facilities Maintenance Specialist
    The Facilities Department at Mount Auburn Cemetery is seeking an enthusiastic individual to fill the position of Facilities Maintenance Specialist. Reporting to the Facilities Manager, the specialist will be responsible for routine maintenance of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in all Cemetery structures, as well as general preventive and corrective maintenance involving minor carpentry, painting … Continue reading
  • Open Position: Vice President of People and Culture
    Mount Auburn Cemetery seeks a strategic, ambitious, innovative, and dynamic leader to be the inaugural Vice President of People and Culture (VPPC). Continue reading
  • Open Position: Horticulturist
    Mount Auburn Cemetery seeks a strategic, ambitious, innovative, and dynamic individual to fill the role of Horticulturist. Reporting to the Director of Horticulture. Continue reading


Mount Auburn employs 55 full-time staff and 40 seasonal and part-time staff. Additionally, the Cemetery is supported by the work of 10 interns and 100+ volunteers.

Mount Auburn’s staff represent a wide range of professional backgrounds including arboriculture, customer service, curatorship, education, facilities care, financial management, fundraising, gardening, horticulture, human resources, information technology, landscape management, planning, preservation, security, and visitor services.


Mount Auburn Cemetery is committed to providing a respectful, ethical and fair work environment conducive to the productive accomplishment of our organizational goals.  We treat all employees with fairness, respect, dignity, and integrity.

The Cemetery competes for talent with a variety of organizations but finds the most parity in job levels, descriptions, and skill requirements with other comparable organizations such as cemeteries, historic sites, and botanic gardens and/or arboreta. 

The Cemetery’s employees are privileged to work with other people who share a desire to build, serve and sustain a strong community of dedicated non-profit professionals through leadership and advocacy.  We provide a naturally collaborative atmosphere in which people take true ownership of their roles and yet seek each other’s input to facilitate the best possible solutions to organizational and operational challenges.  We share important information openly with one another and invite new ideas and constructive organizational assessment.  And, we strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve a manageable work/life balance.

Traditional compensation and benefits programs are important components of our overall Compensation and Benefits Philosophy.  Fairness in the design and administration of these programs is of paramount importance to the culture.  We regularly calibrate the amount and, where possible, the mix, of both cash compensation and benefits programs.   Although we have traditionally strived to deliver competitive health and retirement benefits, coupled with median base-pay levels, we recognize that it is important to be flexible and are committed to revisiting our approach as budgets allow.   We periodically utilize multiple, highly-regarded published compensation and benefits surveys to benchmark our reward programs.

We recognize, encourage and reinforce strong organization, team, and individual performance where possible.  We cultivate a strong feeling of fairness in pay and recognize that certain skill sets demand more compensation than others while attempting to strike an equitable balance with respect to other factors such as individual performance and length of service.  We are also mindful that our overall ability to spend is limited by our financial resources.   We are committed to reasonable levels of compensation and benefits and intend full compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.

Financial Reports

January 1, 2022

Below please find the most recent financial documents for the Proprietors of the Cemetery of Mount Auburn, a 501(c)(13), and the Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery, a 501(c)(3).


Audited Financial Statements for Mount Auburn Cemetery:

Tax Returns for Mount Auburn Cemetery:


Audited Financial Statements for the Friends of Mount Auburn:

Tax Returns for the Friends of Mount Auburn:

Mount Auburn Leadership

September 20, 2021

Mount Auburn’s leadership is responsible for advancing the Cemetery’s mission, vision, and values.


Matthew Stephens serves as Mount Auburn Cemetery’s 14th President & CEO. Stephens, a vocal advocate for the power of green spaces in urban environments and an outstanding business leader with strong experience in strategic planning, joined Mount Auburn in September 2021.

“Mount Auburn has always been a leader in reimagining what cemeteries can be and how they can be a resource to the broader community. I look forward to developing a wave of new energy to further galvanize Mount Auburn Cemetery as a locally cherished and internationally recognized cultural institution.”

With more than 15 years of leadership experience, Stephens has managed historic, public-facing organizations with complex missions. He most recently served as the Director of the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, Japanese Tea Garden, and Botanical Garden. Previously, he led MillionTreesNYC under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the most ambitious and complex urban greening projects ever completed, where one million trees were planted throughout New York City. 

Stephens is a graduate of Illinois State University and earned his Master of Science in Public Horticulture from the University of Delaware in the prestigious Longwood Graduate Program.

Photograph of Matthew Stephens by Richard Morgenstein.


Under the leadership of Matthew Stephens, Mount Auburn’s executive staff work collaboratively to oversee the Cemetery’s core areas of activity and achieve its strategic goals.

Michael Albano, Executive Vice President & CFO

Beth A. Brown, Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Gus Fraser, Vice President of Preservation & Facilities

Bree Harvey, Vice President of Cemetery & Visitor Services


Mount Auburn Cemetery is governed and supported by a Board of Trustees that bring expertise from the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

The Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery, an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with its own Executive Committee, supports the conservation of Mount Auburn’s natural and cultural resources and promotes public appreciation of the Cemetery’s many facets through programs and educational efforts. Funds raised through the Friends support visitor services, education, horticulture, preservation, and historical collections.

Mission & Vision

October 1, 2020


Mount Auburn Cemetery inspires all who visit, comforts the bereaved, and commemorates the dead in a landscape of exceptional beauty.


We envision a world that celebrates life’s seasons, preserves natural beauty, and remembers human stories.


Our values define our beliefs and commitments; they are guideposts for our daily work and our future plans. Every day we seek to embody them in our relationships with visitors, families, neighboring communities, and our own staff.

Openness – Welcome

Offering an open door and a welcoming face to all who come here, of every faith, background, identity, and circumstance. Embracing and inclusive to visitors, clients, employees, and volunteers of all identities and backgrounds.

Compassion – Dignity

Respecting all those who come to Mount Auburn for comfort, solace, respite, and work. Aspiring to be of comfort and service to all. Approaching everyone with a sense of caring and understanding. Demonstrating and embodying a belief in the inherent worth of all people.

Beauty – Serenity

Creating and celebrating beauty and fostering a place of serenity for all who seek it. Evoking the essential experience of Mount Auburn as a landscape, a place of beauty, and a source of serenity. Nurturing our defining aesthetic—human experience and nature together. The

Stewardship – Sustainability

Protecting and preserving the history, residents, monuments, structures, collections, and resources of Mount Auburn forever. Caring for the landscape and fostering its health and environmental sustainability in a dynamic and changing world. Leading others toward models and practices for environmental sustainability.

Integrity – Balance

Pursuing the highest standards in our work and practices; striving for quality and consistency of thinking, practice, and outcome. Balancing the many facets of Mount Auburn’s mission within a complementary whole; realizing that the excellence of each facet depends on maintaining the strength and quality of all the others. Encouraging harmony and proportion as essential aspects of Mount Auburn’s beauty and sense of serenity.