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Council of Visitors

October 1, 2019

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Council of Visitors is comprised of Cemetery friends, leaders in horticulture, historic preservation, educational programming, landscape enhancement, and community leaders who support the Cemetery in accomplishing its mission and maintaining the highest standards of excellence.  Learn more about the Council of Visitors.

Mount Auburn Cemetery Council of Visitors 2020

Caroline Mortimer, Co-Chair
Franklin A. Reece III, Co-Chair
John S. Airasian, Founding Member
Jane M. Carroll, Founding Member
Elizabeth B. Johnson, Founding Member
Susan W. Paine, Founding Member

Helen Abrams
Rowena Alston
Peter W. Ambler
Melissa Banta
Claude L. Benoit
Stephanie Berk
Willa C. Bodman
Virginia J. Brady
Joanna H. Breyer
Cindy Brockway
Eliza E. Burden
W. Douglas Burden
Sharon Bushnell
Patricia Capone
Elizabeth Caraballo-Wesley
Sue Carlson
Martha Chayet
William C. Clendaniel, President Emeritus
Elizabeth D. Coxe
Peter Del Tredici
Alan J. Dworsky
Suzanne R. Dworsky
Suzanne W. Dworsky
Alan Emmet
Luise Erdmann
Karen Falb
Peter Falb
David Forney
Patrick Gabridge
Philip V. Gerdine
Liz Goodfellow Zagoroff
Patricia N. Grandieri
Robert J. Gustavson
Craig Halvorson
Anne Hawley
Jonathan Hecht
Peter Hiam
Luisa Hunnewell
Nora Huvelle
Bruce Irving
Ann Holton Jenne
Laura Johnson
Wendall C. Kalsow
Joseph Koerner
Clare Walker Leslie
Jane B. Levitt
Lauren MacCarthy
Christina Mann
Joe Martinez
Brooks Mathewson
Roberto Mighty
Kyra L. Montagu
Jeanne Mooney
Joel Mooney
Marian Morash
Russell Morash
Susan Morris
H. Betsy Munzer
Mark Kimball Nichols
Denise Pappas
Erik C. Park
Wayne Petersen
Donald Pfister
Stephen Pinkerton
Frances G. Pratt
Harold I. Pratt
Nancy Rappaport
David Russo
Alison Sander
Oliver C. Scholle
Julia Sheehan
E. Denise Simmons
Sherley Gardner-Smith
Rosemarie Smurzynski
James M. Storey
Patricia L. Straus
Bob Stymeist
Ruth Thomasian
Claudia Thompson
Kate Thompson
Pamela W. Turner
Liz Vizza
Kristen Wainwright
Matt Walter
Mary Webb
Louise E. Weed
Jason Weeks
Charlie Welch
Melvin D. Wesley
Rosemary Wilson
Elizabeth Wylde


September 26, 2019


Robert Airasian, Jr.
Eliza S. Anderson
David P. Barnett, President & CEO
Lindsay Leard Coolidge
Thomas C. Cooper
Dean Hara
James F. Hunnewell, Jr.
Patricia B. Jacoby, Chair
Paul Kuenstner
Philip Laird, Secretary
James N. Levitt
Sean McDonnell, Treasurer
Susan Eldredge Mead
Tony Morris
Caroline V. Mortimer
Laura L. Nash
Niels C. Peetz-Larsen
Rick Peiser
Franklin A. Reece


Caroline Mortimer, Chair
Eliza Anderson, Vice Chair
Sean McDonnell, Secretary & Treasurer
David P. Barnett
Lindsay Leard Coolidge


Peter S. Ashton
William C. Clendaniel, President Emeritus
Hamilton Coolidge
Marion R. Fremont-Smith
Robert A. Lawrence
Susan W. Paine (Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery)
James M. Storey
William A. Truslow

Mount Auburn Leadership

January 1, 2019

Mount Auburn’s leadership is responsible for carrying out the Cemetery’s mission and its vision for the future.

David P. Barnett

“It was my lifelong love of horticulture that first led me to Mount Auburn. Over time, I have come to cherish all the dimensions of the Cemetery mission. It is a wonderful, sacred trust to help lead this living museum and vibrant cultural institution.”      

Mount Auburn has been led by President & CEO Dave Barnett since 2008. Prior to 2008, Barnett served as Vice President of Horticulture & Operations. Barnett began his tenure at Mount Auburn in 1993 as the Cemetery’s first Director of Horticulture.

Barnett holds a Ph.D. in ecology from the University of California at Davis. His many professional awards include a Distinguished Service Medal from the Garden Club of America and an Honorary Life Member designation from the American Public Gardens Association.

Contact Dave Barnett at


Under Dr. Barnett’s leadership, Mount Auburn’s executive staff work collaboratively to oversee the Cemetery’s core areas of activity and achieve its strategic goals.

Michael Albano, Executive Vice President & CFO

Gus Fraser, Vice President of Preservation & Facilities

Jenny Gilbert, Director of Institutional Advancement

Eleanor Gould, Vice President of Horticulture & Landscape

Bree Harvey, Vice President of Cemetery & Visitor Services


Mount Auburn Cemetery is governed and supported by a Board of Trustees that bring expertise from the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

The Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery, an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization with its own Executive Committee, supports the conservation of Mount Auburn’s natural and cultural resources and promotes public appreciation of the Cemetery’s many facets through programs and educational efforts. Funds raised through the Friends support visitor services, education, horticulture, preservation, and historical collections.

A 130-person Council of Visitors, including community members and leaders in horticulture, historic preservation, educational programming, and landscape design, provides the Cemetery with additional support and expertise.

Jobs @ Mount Auburn

January 1, 2019

Mount Auburn’s dedicated staff are responsible for the daily care and stewardship of this National Historic Landmark, accredited arboretum and botanical garden, and active cemetery.


Mount Auburn employs 55 full-time staff and 40 seasonal and part-time staff. Additionally, the Cemetery is supported by the work of 10 interns and 100+ volunteers.

Mount Auburn’s staff represent a wide range of professional backgrounds including arboriculture, customer service, curatorship, education, facilities care, financial management, fundraising, gardening, horticulture, human resources, information technology, landscape management, planning, preservation, security, and visitor services.


Mount Auburn is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

    How to Apply:

    Candidates interested in applying for any open position should submit a cover letter and resume, as MS Word documents, by email to stating the job title in the subject line.  Cover letters and resumes may also be mailed to Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, Attention:  Human Resources.  No telephone calls, please.


    Mount Auburn Cemetery is committed to providing a respectful, ethical and fair work environment conducive to the productive accomplishment of our organizational goals.  We treat all employees with fairness, respect, dignity, and integrity.

    The Cemetery competes for talent with a variety of organizations but finds the most parity in job levels, descriptions, and skill requirements with other comparable organizations such as cemeteries, historic sites, and botanic gardens and/or arboreta. 

    The Cemetery’s employees are privileged to work with other people who share a desire to build, serve and sustain a strong community of dedicated non-profit professionals through leadership and advocacy.  We provide a naturally collaborative atmosphere in which people take true ownership of their roles and yet seek each other’s input to facilitate the best possible solutions to organizational and operational challenges.  We share important information openly with one another and invite new ideas and constructive organizational assessment.  And, we strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to achieve a manageable work/life balance.

    Traditional compensation and benefits programs are important components of our overall Compensation and Benefits Philosophy.  Fairness in the design and administration of these programs is of paramount importance to the culture.  We regularly calibrate the amount and, where possible, the mix, of both cash compensation and benefits programs.   Although we have traditionally strived to deliver competitive health and retirement benefits, coupled with median base-pay levels, we recognize that it is important to be flexible and are committed to revisiting our approach as budgets allow.   We periodically utilize multiple, highly-regarded published compensation and benefits surveys to benchmark our reward programs.

    We recognize, encourage and reinforce strong organization, team, and individual performance where possible.  We cultivate a strong feeling of fairness in pay and recognize that certain skill sets demand more compensation than others while attempting to strike an equitable balance with respect to other factors such as individual performance and length of service.  We are also mindful that our overall ability to spend is limited by our financial resources.   We are committed to reasonable levels of compensation and benefits and intend full compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.