Monthly Archives: February 2021

Red-twig dogwoods

Horticulture Highlight: Red-twig dogwoods, Cornus sericea, Cornus alba …Everyone longs for love’s tense joy and red delights…               -Jane Kenyon A sampling of red delights from past Horticulture Highlights could include blossoms of rufous-tinted hellebores, redbud, tree peony, azalea, rose, … Continue reading

February 25, 2021

Local Climate Change Preparedness

View of a recording of this Climate Speaker Series event. Panelists Kara Runsten, John Bolduc, and Laurel Schwab join Mount Auburn for an overview of the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program and the efforts of Watertown and Cambridge to conduct vulnerability assessments and implement climate change preparedness and resiliency plans. The role of the urban forest and green infrastructure in addressing heat and flood risks are a focus of the panel discussion. Continue reading

February 16, 2021